Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Has Sprung at Smokey Mountain Lacquers!

First of all, let me just say that moving sucks! We were evicted fro our home at the beginning of February, and we have been moving into a new place for the last couple of weeks. There was so much stress at one point, my hubby had another stroke. Things have been crazy at the Covered by Color household!

So, today it is snowing and freezing rain, and because of our move my internet is not hooked up yet. Here I sit at McDonalds bringing you this beautiful assortment of Smokey Mountain Lacquers from the new spring collection. I long for the warmer weather!

What is the first thing that makes you think of spring? For me, March comes in like a lion, and out out like a lamb. But in between those two [points is St. Paddy's Day! That for me is a sign spring as sprung. The first polish I have for you is "Irish Bits". This polish is PERFECT or St. Paddy's Day in every way. It is a light green crelly with green glitters in it. It went on super smooth, and only required two coats for full coverage. I topped these swatches with HK Girl topcoat.

Natural Light
 With Flash
Next up is the BEAUTIFUL "Irish Gold" This was my favorite of the four polishes I was sent to review. The application was so smooth and it was so pretty on. It is a metallic green with a golden yellow shimmer within. The swatches are two coats with a top coat of HK Girl by Glisten and Glow. Because Iliked the look of Irish Bits with the Irish Gold, I left Irish Bits on for an accent nail!
Natural Light
With Flash:
Next up is the beautiful "Freesia". I am going to be honest, yellow is NOT my color. It looks awful with my skin tone IMO. Don't get me wrong, I love the color yellow, and this yellow is gorgeous, but please forgive the awful lobster looking fingers. The swatches are two coats with a top coat of HK Girl.
Natural Light
Next 2 With Flash
Finally we have "Radiant Orchid". This is a gorgeous lilac/orchid purple color. The formula is super creamy and applied well. This is two coats with a top coat again of HK Girl.
Natural Light
With Flash: 
These are all super polishes for spring! While I liked them all, "Irish Gold" is my absolute favorite of the collection. Which one will you try? Which do you like the most? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!
Smokey Mountain Lacquers can be found here for sale:
The polishes retail between $6.00and $10.00 for full size polishes.