Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Enchaned Polish Congratulatons to our winner!!!

Hey there polish friends! I returned from vacations and finally haveb a chance to sit down and do a blog post! Today's post will be the announcement of the giveaway winner, and to show you a Congratulations in honor of announcing the winner!

And now to announce our winner of $20 worth of Charming products!

Now on to what I think is a highly under-rated Enchated Polish. Congratulations is a beautiful light holo polish with hints of pink, beige, and browns. I absolutely love this polish! I am not a brown polish wearer. usually brown looks awful on me, but this polish looks stunning on me, and it has moved into the category of one of my favorite Enchanted Polishes. This polish is one of those Enchanted polishes that you have to be lucky to get in a restock, or from a stockist, or from online swaps and sales. I see this polish offered quite often in sale groups on Facbook.

Now onto the photos!

This is an indoor shot, under my lamp. You can see a copperish color, bronze color, a pink or light rose tone, and the holo rainbow.
Enchanted Polish Congratulations
These next two photos are both outdoors. I was lucky to have full sunshine when I took these photos.

Enchanted Polish Congratulations
Enchanted Polish Congratulations
I was recently asked if I edit my photos, or change the color with tools in photoshop. I do occasionally soften my cuticles when my hands are super dry, but this batch of photos is one I did not have to edit in any way or form. I NEVER edit color.
Until next time! Have a super duper week!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Return to blogging with Charming Handmade Magic

Hello out there in the land of the Internet! I absolutely missed blogging about my nails! I dont have a fancy or sad explanation as to where or what happened that I abandoned my blog, but I do have one none the less because I know some of you ar probably a little curious.

Life happened! My son needed a computer for school and since we couldnt afford a new one, my laptop was given to him as tribute. LOL! I just got it back about a month ago, and now I can return to the world of blogging, and hopefully brining you info, tips, tricks, and beautiful nails you find helpful.

I plan to update the page with a new look by mid July after I return from vacation. I have been working on new images and layouts. Hopefully you will like what I do with the place!

Now, onto something new I have for you. A few weeks ago, a sweet sweet gal named Jamie that I met in the nail polish community quite some time ago, came to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some products she was making and preparing to sell. She went on to say she would be opening a shop with products for your nails and cuticles, feet, hands, and other homemade bath items. I was thrilled to try the products out not only because I am a bath and body product hoarder, but because Jamie is an awesome lady! The shop name is Charming, and the theme for the products is adorable! Let's get started!

Charming Handmade Magic

Items I was sent were:
Oatmeal Hand Scrub
Citrus Cuticle Balm
Bergamot & Tea Tree Shower Bomb
Blood Orange & Clove Shower Bomb
Calendulas in the Caribbean mani/pedi soak
Figs and Flowers all natural mani/pedi bomb
Dragon Blood & Strawberries mani/pedi bomb
All items are shown above, with exception of the blood Orange and Clove shower bomb which I used before taking the photo.
The products are referred to as "Spells and Potions" by the maker, and the theme of the line is "Handmade Magic". Jamie included a note with my blogger package even stating she hopes the products bring some "magic" to my day.
Lets start with the Oatmeal Hand Scrub. First of all, let me start off by saying that I have never heard of, or seen a scrub like this.
Charming Oatmeal Hand Scrub

The great thing about this scrub is that it is SOOOOO moisturizing! It smells like oatmeal cookies. The smell is not too strong though, and a light scent of oatmeal cookie lingers on your hands after use. It is very gentle as opposed to some sugar scrubs I have tried.

The combination of using the Oatmeal Hand Scrub and Citrus Cuticle Balm over the course of a week, made a huge difference in my cuticles and the skin on my fingers. I have dry skin and struggle with keeping my cuticles looking nice and smooth for photos. I am very pleased with the look of my cuticles after using these products.

Charming Citrus Cuticle Balm
Another awesome product I received was a couple mani/pedi bombs. My favorite bomb was the Figs and Flowers all natural mani/pedi bomb. The smell was very fragrant, and the scent lingered for quite a few hours after use. I could not quit sniffng my hands!!!

Although the bomb itself wasnt red, the bomb turned a beautiful red color in the water. The fizz lasted quite awhile compared to other bombs I have tried, and the level of oils in the water as the bomb fizzed was a perfect balance.

Charming Figs and Flowers

I used the Blood Orange and Cloves shower bomb before I could take any photos, but I thought I should spare you of photos of my gross feet in the shower by the bomb! To use the shower bomb, you place the bomb on your tub/shower floor away from the drain and out of direct contact with the stream of the shower head. The benefits of these types of bombs are great! Aroma therapy is amazing. If I am feeling really crappy, sometimes smells can cheer me right up! My only complaint about this bomb, was that it was a little on the small side and didnt last a really long time. I did received a larger shower bomb that lasted much longer, but I LOVED the smell of the blood orange an clove bomb so much I never wanted it to end! LOL!

The Calendula in the Carribean mani/pedi soak was a crumble as opposed to a bomb. You can see the actual pieces of the Calendula flower in the crumble! The smell was nice, and I used this soak on my feet. I did not get photos of my feet, but rest assured my feet were soft and smooth after using the crumbles, and my feet smelled heavenly. I also wanted to share the next photos with you so you could get an idea of what my nails and fingers look like after a week of using the products from Charming. Jamie says there will be new products, and I am dreaming of a hand lotion to come soon in the Figs and Flowers scent!! (Hint! Hint! Jamie!!!)

The store is now open, and includes all the products listed above and MANY more. Jamie promises that there are more products to come, including lip scrubs. I will be placing another purchase, because I am in love with how my cuticles and hands are looking and smelling!

For more information, or to make a purchase, check out Charming's pages below.

Instagram: @charminghandmademagic

AND.... how about an awesome giveaway where you can chose your own products form Charming?

Until next time,

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Karma has Kissed me Again!!! Fall 2014 collection!

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I know mine was decent, and the weather, until recently was very mild and enjoyable. The past three weeks have been not so pleasant. Not that it isn't anything I cannot get over, but for a blogger, difficult things arose making blogging difficult. About 4 week ago, my computer took a crap! I have been without a computer, which means no blogging. I could probably pre write posts from a friends computer, but it is so much of a hassle, I will hopefully have a new one in the next few weeks. Then, a week before my shipment of Karma's Kiss came in, my thumb nail ripped off, then my pointy finger nail broke off. I am now down to little nubbins.

Anyhow, enough of my sob story and onto the lovely fall colors I was sent by Karma's Kiss Lacquer. These are not only pretty polishes, but very versatile!

These photos were edited without my beloved Paint Shop Pro, so you will have to bear with me. I am not really proud of these photos, and I plan to re-swatch them in the near future as soon as I have some nails again, and a computer to post them with.

First up, we have Fall To Your Leaves. This is my absolute favorite polish from the collection, and this will be one I wear often this fall. It applied vey smooth, and took only two coats for full coverage. It levels nicely and has a very pretty holo to it. It is described on the store website as, "A light brown holographic with pink/lavender shimmer mixed it for that special autumn look of dried fallen leaves." The description is very accurate!

No flash:
With Flash:
The second polish I have for you from the fall collection is The Little Liar. This polish shifts between royal blue and purple. It is a jelly finish and it is super squishy! The store page describes this polish as, "Plum jelly based duo chrome micro glitter. Shifts from purple to royal blue.
Opaque in 2 to 3 coats, or can be layered over black for a more dramatic effect." I did just as the description suggested and did a couple by itself, and a couple over black. I used two coats on the nail of them by their self, and one coat over black. Application was smooth and nice.
Without flash: Pointer and middle finger alone, ring and pinky over black.
With flash: Pointer and middle finger alone, ring and pinky over black.
Next up I have Poison Thy Ivy. This is a dark, rich green color perfect for fall. The website describes it as, "Deep forest green jelly with green micro glitter and holographic micro glitter to give it more depth." I also think this polish would be perfect for Christmas tree nail art or holiday nail art. Application was smooth and I had no issues with the formula.
With Flash:
 Without flash:
This next one is my second favorite of the collection. It is called Berry Me Deeply. It is super versatile and squishy!!! It is a bright pink. The store page describes it as, "
Pink berry colored jelly with multi sized holographic pigment.
Opaque in 2 to 3 coats, or can be layered over another color to change/enhance the coloring effect.
Dries semi matte, so a good quality top coat is advised." Honestly it was pretty shiny for me without a top coat added. The swatch photos are of two coats on my pointer and middle finger, and one coat over black on my ring and pinky finger. Application was smooth, and I had no issues with the formula.
Without flash: Ring and pinky over black
With flash: Ring and pinky over black
Finally, there is a beautiful black and blue textured glitter in the fall collection called Midnight Rendezvous. The website description says, "Navy blue jelly full of blue and silver holographic glitter.
Opaque in 1 to 2 coats.
Shake well before use to ensure an even distribution of glitters.
A good smoothing top coat is recommended to smooth out the surface."
I liked this polish, and the way it looks, but I struggled a little bit with application. Not because of the maker, or issues with the formula, but because of my nubby nails and not being great at texture like application.
I hope you enjoyed these swatches and see one you like! If you could buy now, is there any particular one you are really liking? Let me know in the comments! Also, be sure to visit Karma's Kiss Lacquer and check out her beautiful polishes.
and Karma's Kiss Facebook page
Until next time!~

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nail Art Challenges by Friends and Family

HELLLLLLL-oh! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! I know I am! :)

Let me start off by saying, I love to try new nail art on a regular basis. I have a HUGE Pinterest board of nail art just to inspire me or challenge myself. I like to try to do what others have done. It's fun and therapeutic for my depression.

I also find joy in trying things my friends and family post to my Facebook wall. I know I have probably seen the nails in question before, or have them pinned, but... I love a family member or friend saw them and thought of me enough to post them to my wall.

For three days now, my sister in law has been trying to show me a photo of nail art. Every time she would send it through Facebook messages, I could not see it. So, tonight she finally screen capped the image and posted it to my wall. When I saw the nails in question, I knew I had seen them before, but I wanted to try them out anyhow. I also had a new teeeeny tiny nail art brush I bought a couple months ago that I wanted to try, and this gave me the perfect excuse.

Now to get to the photo she posted for me....

Since this photo had obviously had the watermark removed of the original artist, I did a reverse Google image search for it. I believe these belong to "The Little Canvas". and you can find these nails here:


Now, onto my try at these beauties...

First I painted my nails a rainbow of creamy colors. 

Then added the white and black art. Let me say this... the nail art brush I bought was not that great. I wish I had used a striping brush instead!
These could have been neater, but as I stated, my nail art brush was not great! I will be doing these again sometime and trying to be neater.
Thanks Sis (Sherry)! It was a fun nail art to do!!!
Until next time~