Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A little Anti-Valentine Cold Hearted Wench with Smokey Mountain Lacquers

I have a special treat for you tonight! It is my first collaboration polish!!! I was thrilled when Kim from Smokey Mountain Lacquers informed me I was her February blogger of the month, and I would get to do a collaboration polish with her!

Since everyone was doing pinks and reds, and all in favor of Valentine's Day, I asked Kim about going another direction, kind of an anti-Valentine polish. I had picked out a few names, the one we chose was "Cold Hearted Wench". The idea was that the base color was kind of an icy grayish mint color and would include pink and purple teeeeeeeeny glitters. Kim executed it PERFECTLY!

The swatches are two coats of the polish. One coat is a little sheer for my taste, but with the second coat, I had awesome coverage. It applied evenly and very smooth. The swatches include HK Girl topcoat. Here are the photos:

No Flash:
With Flash:
Let me just say that this polish would make an adorable Easter and Spring color too! It almost looks like speckled eggs. Kim was very sweet to include an extra bottle of Cold Hearted Wench for me to giveaway! I am also contributing by purchasing the winner one bottle of Smokey Mountain Lacquers from the store. (Item must be in stock at time of giveaway end)
You can purchase "Cold Hearted Wench" from Smokey Mountain Lacquers here:
Stop by Smokey Mountain Lacquers' Facebook page and thank Kim for donating a bottle for our giveaway! Be sure to like her page while there:

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Little Bit of Philly Lovin'!

Hello lovely readers and followers! I slacked again, and I always feel so guilty, but wrestling has literally taken over my life. My son however is kicking some serious backside! This weekend is Jr. High State, followed by Youth Regionals. Two big events, one weekend. So much stress for mom! He never breaks a sweat or worries. So strong willed!

Enough rambling about my boy, and on to some love and pretties!

Today I want to share some love! This weekend, I would love to share a blog that has influenced my buying a TON this month. She is super nice, she is very personable and interacts within the various Facebook polish groups, and her pictures are GORGEOUS!

My Blog of the week is:
Amanda Loves Polish - Her Blog: http://www.amandalovespolish.com
                                       Her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amandalovespolish/
                                       Her Instagram ID: amandalovespolish

Please check her blog out and some of her beautiful swatches!

My polish maker of the week is Philly Loves Lacquer. I chose this brand because I am finding more and more that I want ALL of her polishes, and Esther, the owner and creator, has some fantastic customer service. She goes above and beyond! All of Philly Loves Lacquer polishes are 4-free and cruelty free! I will have links to all of Philly Loves Lacquer pages after the polish! :)

My best friend in polish and life sent me an awesome preset of three of PhLL's mini polishes. They were all supposed to be a mystery, but my BFF decided to mark the bottles for me since she had the colors already and so I would know what they were. I fell in love with these beauties, just like any other PhLL I have! Today I have two of those gorgeous beauties for you.

First up is Christmas Village. This is a gorgeous squishy reddish pink holo. It went on in two coats with no issues, and had a fantastic dry time. N streaking or bubblies, and very smooth. These manis were topped with Poshe' topcoat to give it the awesome shine.

No flash:
 With Flash:
Next up I have A gorgeous light baby blue holo named River Rink. As with Christmas Village, the formula was fantastic, application was super smooth, and this is two coats. Again, Poshe' was used as my topcoat for this mani.
 No Flash:
 With Flash:
You are probably wondering, "Why is she showing us Christmas polishes now? After Christmas?" Well, I have seen a couple of these on some of the ladies Store Envy pages for sale and on Pinterest boards for sale, I recommend you snatch them up because these colors are definitely not just for Christmas!
What do you think of these two colors? Do you own any PhLL? Leave me some comments below and let me know!
Links for Philly Loves Lacquer:
Instagram: phillyloveslacquer
Also, while you are here, I am asking you check out Anne Kathleen Polish! She has a giveaway on her page and I am sponsoring one of the prizes! Check it out! :)