Sunday, September 7, 2014

Karma has Kissed me Again!!! Fall 2014 collection!

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I know mine was decent, and the weather, until recently was very mild and enjoyable. The past three weeks have been not so pleasant. Not that it isn't anything I cannot get over, but for a blogger, difficult things arose making blogging difficult. About 4 week ago, my computer took a crap! I have been without a computer, which means no blogging. I could probably pre write posts from a friends computer, but it is so much of a hassle, I will hopefully have a new one in the next few weeks. Then, a week before my shipment of Karma's Kiss came in, my thumb nail ripped off, then my pointy finger nail broke off. I am now down to little nubbins.

Anyhow, enough of my sob story and onto the lovely fall colors I was sent by Karma's Kiss Lacquer. These are not only pretty polishes, but very versatile!

These photos were edited without my beloved Paint Shop Pro, so you will have to bear with me. I am not really proud of these photos, and I plan to re-swatch them in the near future as soon as I have some nails again, and a computer to post them with.

First up, we have Fall To Your Leaves. This is my absolute favorite polish from the collection, and this will be one I wear often this fall. It applied vey smooth, and took only two coats for full coverage. It levels nicely and has a very pretty holo to it. It is described on the store website as, "A light brown holographic with pink/lavender shimmer mixed it for that special autumn look of dried fallen leaves." The description is very accurate!

No flash:
With Flash:
The second polish I have for you from the fall collection is The Little Liar. This polish shifts between royal blue and purple. It is a jelly finish and it is super squishy! The store page describes this polish as, "Plum jelly based duo chrome micro glitter. Shifts from purple to royal blue.
Opaque in 2 to 3 coats, or can be layered over black for a more dramatic effect." I did just as the description suggested and did a couple by itself, and a couple over black. I used two coats on the nail of them by their self, and one coat over black. Application was smooth and nice.
Without flash: Pointer and middle finger alone, ring and pinky over black.
With flash: Pointer and middle finger alone, ring and pinky over black.
Next up I have Poison Thy Ivy. This is a dark, rich green color perfect for fall. The website describes it as, "Deep forest green jelly with green micro glitter and holographic micro glitter to give it more depth." I also think this polish would be perfect for Christmas tree nail art or holiday nail art. Application was smooth and I had no issues with the formula.
With Flash:
 Without flash:
This next one is my second favorite of the collection. It is called Berry Me Deeply. It is super versatile and squishy!!! It is a bright pink. The store page describes it as, "
Pink berry colored jelly with multi sized holographic pigment.
Opaque in 2 to 3 coats, or can be layered over another color to change/enhance the coloring effect.
Dries semi matte, so a good quality top coat is advised." Honestly it was pretty shiny for me without a top coat added. The swatch photos are of two coats on my pointer and middle finger, and one coat over black on my ring and pinky finger. Application was smooth, and I had no issues with the formula.
Without flash: Ring and pinky over black
With flash: Ring and pinky over black
Finally, there is a beautiful black and blue textured glitter in the fall collection called Midnight Rendezvous. The website description says, "Navy blue jelly full of blue and silver holographic glitter.
Opaque in 1 to 2 coats.
Shake well before use to ensure an even distribution of glitters.
A good smoothing top coat is recommended to smooth out the surface."
I liked this polish, and the way it looks, but I struggled a little bit with application. Not because of the maker, or issues with the formula, but because of my nubby nails and not being great at texture like application.
I hope you enjoyed these swatches and see one you like! If you could buy now, is there any particular one you are really liking? Let me know in the comments! Also, be sure to visit Karma's Kiss Lacquer and check out her beautiful polishes.
and Karma's Kiss Facebook page
Until next time!~

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