Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Enchaned Polish Congratulatons to our winner!!!

Hey there polish friends! I returned from vacations and finally haveb a chance to sit down and do a blog post! Today's post will be the announcement of the giveaway winner, and to show you a Congratulations in honor of announcing the winner!

And now to announce our winner of $20 worth of Charming products!

Now on to what I think is a highly under-rated Enchated Polish. Congratulations is a beautiful light holo polish with hints of pink, beige, and browns. I absolutely love this polish! I am not a brown polish wearer. usually brown looks awful on me, but this polish looks stunning on me, and it has moved into the category of one of my favorite Enchanted Polishes. This polish is one of those Enchanted polishes that you have to be lucky to get in a restock, or from a stockist, or from online swaps and sales. I see this polish offered quite often in sale groups on Facbook.

Now onto the photos!

This is an indoor shot, under my lamp. You can see a copperish color, bronze color, a pink or light rose tone, and the holo rainbow.
Enchanted Polish Congratulations
These next two photos are both outdoors. I was lucky to have full sunshine when I took these photos.

Enchanted Polish Congratulations
Enchanted Polish Congratulations
I was recently asked if I edit my photos, or change the color with tools in photoshop. I do occasionally soften my cuticles when my hands are super dry, but this batch of photos is one I did not have to edit in any way or form. I NEVER edit color.
Until next time! Have a super duper week!

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