Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Holy Purple Polish Heaven! It's Ellagee "Purple Haze"!

Hello lovely people who have come to check out my blog! I want to ask everyone to please be patient with me on this journey. I find that I get so over excited I sometimes forget important details in my posts. I realized after going back and re-reading my last post that I forgot to put my opinion of the polish in the post! *SMH*! Doh! So, today I am going to try to be more thorough!

Today I have for you a BEAUTIFUL shade of purple holo polish from Ellagee called "Purple Haze". OMG! This formula is so smooth! My photos are of not 3, not 2, but 1 freakin coat! Hello did you see that? ONE COATER! Purple Haze is described on the sale page as "a deep purple with ultrafine holographic shimmer", and boy does it shine! I wish I could have gotten outdoor photos for you! I am in LOVE this polish, and it is going in my fave purple polish pile!

I also have to add, that today is the first day I have EVER used a fimo. I think the little flower is really cute and compliments this polish well! Im still not sold on the fruit and veggie fimo sticks though. Not sure why I would want to wear those on my nails, but I am sure I will find an occasion!

Now for the photos:

This is without flash under an LED light.

 An up close and personal look!
 And one with flash.
You can purchase your very own "Purple Haze" here at Ellagee's Store!
These polishes were not given to me by the maker for review. This is an untried polish from my own personal stash. All opinions contained within the post are my own and not in any way swayed by anyone.


  1. Thanks so much Jennifer! I look forward to following your blog! <3

  2. I think this polish will be my first purchase for October. :)

    1. If you check the Facebook page, she often has flash sales on Fridays :D

  3. and now i have to go buy this polish. i'm a crazy purple person. i need all the purple polish!!!

    1. You and me both! I LOVE purple polish!!! :)