Friday, November 22, 2013

Patience is a virtue... or is it?

Do you have patience when it comes to polish and nail art? I somewhat do when it comes to doing nail art. When it comes to waiting on shipping for an order (unless it's a pre-order) I want what I order ASAP. I have held off on ordering from Born Pretty Store for this exact reason until the first of this month. I broke down and ordered a bunch of nail art supplies and a phone cover, which without my coupons and discounts would have cost me over $25. I ended up paying $16.94. So, I couldn't resist. It is not the 22nd, and I still don't have my package. So, Since I have no patience, I did a nail art design that required a TON of patience... LOL.

Here is what I did and how I did it.

Step 1: Choose a base color and then a glitter polish that has a decent size circle, square, or hexagonal shaped glitter inside. Make sure the two polishes compliment each other. (For this how to I chose Zoya Blu and OPI

Step 2: Have a piece of wax paper or a glass plate handy that you can place some of the glitter polish onto.

Step 3: Paint your nail the base color.

Step 4: Paint some of the glitter onto the wax paper or plate as shown in the picture below. Just paint a small spot. The polish dries up quickly when you paint it that thin, so you will need to paint more spots as you move on. Since the coats are thin, you don't waste much polish.

Step 5: HAVE A TON OF PATIENCE AND A STEADY HAND!!! Using a toothpick or orange stick place glitters on your accent finger covering your entire nail in a pattern you desire. Since has pink, teal, and purple glitters, I did pink alternated with random purple and teal.
Step 6: On the other nails, create a French tip look using two rows of the glitters.
Finished product no flash:
Finished product with flash:
I found the faster I went and the less I focused on the glitters, the easier it seemed. Now, I think I will wait for my larger glitters from Born Pretty Store! LOL! What do you think? Will you try this method?
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  1. This is gorgeous! I definitely don't have a patience to do this. I can barely sit still enough for my mani to dry... with a fast dry topcoat on top. :p

  2. I love that even though designs like this take a zilliion minutes, they are totally worth it for all the time you wanna stare at them!

    1. I am sure once my Born Pretty order gets here it will be so much easier! :) Picking the glitters out of a polish is a bit more tedious, but it works! LOL!