Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snow way....? Are you kidding me?

Hello lovely readers! First of all I want to welcome all of the new readers to the blog! It is GREAT to have you and I hope you find something you enjoy and will stick around! Today, I want to address something I am going through... TOO MANY HOLIDAY POLISHES BEING RELEASED!!! LOL! I want to buy them all up! On top of those, there are all of the limited edition Black Friday polishes coming this weekend. I cannot keep up. Unfortunately I will not be able to buy any of them. The ones I have already purchased back in October and November are it for me. You see, this week my son, who is really talented, was invited to join the International Youth Dual Team for wrestling. This is a BIG DEAL!!! It is also very expensive! So, I cannot buy any polishes for myself this holiday season. I am buying for my gift exchanges, a special someone, and that is it. So, I went to my stash to look for some polishes I could use for a holiday type mani that was not too Christmas-y (since it is so early) and this is what I did, and what I used.

Here is what I used for this mani, with of course HK Girl Topcoat by Glisten and Glow:
They are I Love Nail Polish "Up to Snow Good" (how can you go wrong with a seasonal look with a polish that has THAT name, right?), Sparitual "Energy", and The Little Pure Ice loose white glitter pot I found at Wal-Mart a couple months back.
All I did was use the Sparitual Energy for my base color, which I love. It was not very opaque, so it took me two coats. I then painted the Up to Snow Good by I Love Nail Polish on my accent nail and thumb (which went on super easy for a glitter topper), and then top coated the other nails and dipped them one at a time into the pot. Once I pulled them out I shook off very gently the extra glitter and top coated over the rest. So, we have snowy looking nails.
Here is one with flash:
Without Flash:
As you can see, I still have loose glitter all over my hands. I thought I had cleaned it up pretty well, but then I rubbed my arm which had it all down the side of it, and it was back all over my hands again... LOL!
I hope you enjoyed this little mani for the holiday season. Let me know what you think of the polish and or the method.
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  1. I love the mani! I <3 Nail Polish is awesome! And congrats on your son! :)

  2. Very cute! I may have to re-create this mani. I love it!