Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's winter time, so how about a "thermal" to keep you warm? A review of Split Personality by Smokey Mountain Lacquers!

Hello lovely readers! Have you missed me? I have been super busy! My Noah (the wrestler) went to the National Dual tournament in Virginia! He did great! Since I go back, we have been busy getting ready for family to come. I just got my tree up yesterday! I usually have it up in November on Black Friday!!! SO I am way behind! Now on to today's review!

Today, I have a lovely Pink/Purple thermal called Split Personality for review from Smokey Mountain Lacquers. It is a thermal!!! I have two thermals in my collection already from other makers, and I can get the thermal to show pretty easy on my nails, so when Kim asked me if I was comfortable with doing a review of a thermal I was fine with it. What I didn't know was that when I put my hand in my warm light box I would lose the pretty duo colored nails. LOL! Anyhow, I think I still have some great photos for you.

Let's talk about formula. The first coat was a little streaky for me. However, the second coat fixed that for me quite nicely. So there really was no issue with application. The polish is a pretty bubblegum pink with small micro silver glitters when cool. When warm, the polish turns a bright shade of purple. Of course, the silver micro glitters stay in tact.

Here is the first photo I took in my light box. As you can see, my tips had no color change because it was so warm in there.

Here are some out of the light box photos. You can see the color of the cool tips very well in these!

This beauty will retail for $9 at Smokey Mountain Lacquers, so keep your eyes peeled for its release! You can visit Smokey Mountain Lacquers for tis lovely and others below
You can also visit their Facebook page for updates!
What do you think? Do you like thermals? I really do! Leave a note in the comments section and tell me your feels! :)

This polish was provided to me for review by the maker.

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  1. Very pretty! I love the two colors. I haven't tried any thermal polishes yet. I may have to get this one though.