Saturday, January 18, 2014

Share the Love Saturday and Darling Diva

Hello peeples! :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today I have another Darling Diva to share with you. It is one of my NEW favorite Darling Diva polishes. It is so purrrrdy! I also wanted to join in with many of the other bloggers and makers with share the love weekend. In doing so, I am going to post some links to a couple of my favorite bloggers and makers. I have also decided to do a "Share the Love Saturday" post every Saturday on the CbC Facebook page. Feel free to post your links there, your Instagrams, etc. I am also on Instagram with the user name @covered_by_color. I post a few other photos besides nail photos, but they are usually proud momma photos and such. I also will follow back!

Anyhow, onto Share the Love then I will get to the stunning Darling Diva polish!

First blog I want to share is Kirby Hartline's blog. She is super sweet and has always been willing to help me out when I have needed it. Her blog is fantastic and she blogs about drug store brands as well as Indie polishes. You can find her blog, The Mercurial Magpie Here:

The second blog I follow often is "The Crumpet". Her blog and swatches are fabulous and she always has insightful posts. (It doesn't hurt she is a fantastic stamper too!) You can find Debbie and her blog here:

Now I figured since I am obsessed with so many indie polishes and makers, I would highlight one each Saturday. This Saturday since I am showing you swatches of Carrie's Darling Diva Polish, I would make that my first spotlight brand. It is a great time to spotlight Darling Diva too, they released two new collections this week, The Muscle Car collection and the White Witch Collection! I have always had great customer service with Darling Diva. Carrie and Mr. DDP go out of their way to make sure each customer is completely satisfied. I also want to state that their shipping is super duper speedy! I usually order and receive my shipping notice within 48 hours.

You can purchase Darling Diva at either of the two links below:

Darling Diva Facebook page:

Now onto the beautiful polish I have to show you from Darling Diva!

Today's polish is Blue Diamonds. It is from a semi-new collection at Darling Diva called the Diamond Collection. It is so pretty! I recently started really getting into blue polishes more so than I already was. I have always loved blue, but never thought much of it on my nails. I started trying it out and decided I LOVED it on my hands!

Blue Diamond is described as a "stunning blue holo is both linear and a one coater." on the Darling Diva store page. It sells for $8.00 plus shipping. Also, the description warns of high amounts of pigments which can evaporate faster than other polishes, and can thicken over time. It is recommended that you add thinner if you have issues with thickening.

The photos are of one coat of Blue Diamond over OPI Nail Envy. These photos are one coat! One coat polishes are fantastic because you aren't wasting time and product going over the coats again and again. The polish applied smoothly (almost like butter!) and there were no issues with the formula. I have had this polish for a few weeks, and did not experience thickening or evaporation. There is beautiful flashes of purples and pinks within the holo.

Here are the photos:

No Flash:
With Flash:
Close up:
What do you think of this beauty? Do you own any Darling Diva polishes or any of this collection? Leave me some love in the comments! I always reply and try to comment back! Got a blog you want me to check out? Leave me the link in the comments as well!
These polishes were not provided to me for review. They are from my own stash and the opinions are my own. I was not influenced in any way to publish anything about these polishes.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I love the Crumpet too! This polish looks great on you, that macro shot is to die for. Need!