Thursday, October 24, 2013

Best Friends and Nail Polish

GOOOOOOOOOD Evening Readers! Today I had a great day! I made approximately 15 dozen cookies and then made the most delicious chicken scampi for dinner! *drools* I thought a lot today about what to write about for tonight's post, and I hope you enjoy it. I know that I am not the only person who has been this fortunate in the nail polish community, and I would love to hear your stories about friendships you've made in the community.
Almost a year ago, I stopped biting my nails for the first time in my 39 years. I started polishing my nails. A Facebook friend was posting photos of manicures from a few well known bloggers. I started following those blogs myself, and then found nail polish "groups" on Facebook. The very first one I joined, I didn't participate much. Once I did start to join in, a special event was set up for our group. It was a conflict within this event that introduced me to some GREAT ladies in the nail polish community. Today, I admin a group with those same ladies, and I don't see them as co-admins, I see them as my friends. We have all chatted and shared personal stories, and I feel like these ladies could care less that I am not perfect. Something I have a hard time with, with other people. (I love you girls!!!) In the group I admin, I have met some fabulous ladies. I have had great swaps and sales with them, I have got to know their families through chatting, and some I share physical ailments with. I have exchanged phone numbers with a select few of them, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that if I need a friend to talk to, they will be there to listen. (I would do the same for them.)
One particular girl though, has been there through a bunch of my crap. I've shared a bunch with her. We have never met in person, but we have had hour long phone conversations and text regularly. Some days I am having a terrible day, and she always says the right thing to make me feel better. (she knows who she is, I LOVE you! :) One day, she asked me what my favorite polish colors were. I never thought anything of it, other than her just asking. A couple weeks later, the most beautiful polish showed up at my door and she explained she had it made just for us. It is from a mutually favorite brand, and OMG, the colors she chose, hit the nail on the head! (Haha, you see that I was kind of punny there!)
This polish is a teal with purple shimmer in it!!! It is my absolute favorite polish, both because of the color and formula, AND because it was given to me by someone special. Let me share with you this gorgeous beauty, meet CS003 from Mentality Polish:
Since I was on the subject of Mentality Polish tonight, I thought I would share a few other beautiful polishes from Mentality with you!
Meet Moe. Moe is from the Mentality "Stamper" collection, and is described as "a purple holographic duocrome nail polish with a blue flash that dries to a semigloss finish.
The Stampers are a collection of holographic nail polishes designed for stamping and are great stand alone polishes." This polish is absolutely stunning alone!! I also experienced flashes of pink. I needed 2 coats to get the coverage I wanted, but here it is with flash first, and then without.

Next up is Morality. Morality is part of Mentality's "Black Light Holo Collection". It is described on Mentality's store as "a stamping grade black jelly multichrome holographic nail polish with a color shift from purple to silver to green." I only needed one coat to get a completely opaque polished nail. Here it is first with flash, then without.
You can purchase Mentality Nail Polish HERE
Do you have any of these Mentality polishes? What one is your favorite? I LOVE each of them equally, except my CS003. THAT one is my favorite polish in my entire stash.
Have you formed friendships because of you passion for nail polish? Let me know! I love hearing those stories!
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  1. I have made so many good friends in the nail community. It can be such a tight-knit community at times. I consider many of the great ladies almost family.

    You have such amazing swatches of the Mentality polishes. Mentality is one of my favorite indie brands. The teal one is definitely my favorite too! I think I might have to pick up Moe, it looks amazing on you!