Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let's talk staining and some Nail's Inc French Tips

Hello lovelies! Sorry for no post yesterday, but I felt awful! Migraine headaches are not fun! I slept most of the day and still slept last night until 10:00 am today. Do any of you suffer from migraines? What kind of things do you do to get some relief?

Now, let's talk about staining! I usually do not get stained nails from polish. I always wear a basecoat and can do almost any polish without an issue. I don't really care about staining, but when I want to do a French design, it can be an issue. Zoya Song is one of my favorite polishes, but it always stains me! Even with a base coat. Right before I did the French nails below, I removed Song, and had to go through a cleaning and stain removal ritual. I use a mixture of warm water, baking soda, and peroxide. I then buff my nails very gently afterwards to remove any left over color. It works pretty good! What ritual do you use to remove stains from your nails? I've heard of people using whitening toothpaste, and I have tried that but it doesn't usually work.

After my stain cleanup, I made some adorable cute French tip nail art using a polish by Nails Inc. This is one of my favorite blue polishes! This one is Chelsea Psychic Garden from the Ice Cream Shop collection. The application is smooth and the color is adorable!

To achieve this look the only tools I used were a dotting tool with two different sizes, and a white nail striper. I painted my tips with a base coat, added CPG on my tips, used the striper to create a line to hide imperfections, and then added white dots. Afterward, I used Zoya Dana to make two large dots and a small dot in the middle for the bow then I pulled some of the polish down to create a ribbon look. Simple right?

Here is my results. I would love to see some of you attempt this look and show me!

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