Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Spring Colors... The Blues (Part II)

So yesterday I shared some of my favorite Lilypad Lacquer greens for spring. As promised, I have the blues for you today.

This post is very picture heavy because of the number of blue polishes I chose. I had a ton of trouble narrowing these down. I hope you enjoy this review and my selections as much as I enjoyed wearing them and photographing them.

First up today I have baby Boy Blue. This polish was a little sheer for my taste in one coat, but with two it was fine. The formula was great and application was a breeze. My brush is a little wonky though for some reason. One or two of the bristles just bend upward. I think I read a blog post about straightening them in the past, it will be something I look up for future use because I love this polish too much not to use it again. These swatches are all without topcoat, although I have used topcoat with all of my Lilypad polishes in the past, with no issue of dulling.
No flash first photo:
With Flash:


Next up, I chose Oh So Fly, a polish sold exclusively at Beauty So Fly (located here: http://www.beautysofly.com/) I would describe this polish as a really light blue with purple and pink sparks and shifts. The formula was great, and application was easy peasy. Again, this one was a little sheer for my taste, but two coats was perfect for me.
All the photos are with flash as my non flash photos were complete CRAP! LOL!

The third Lilypad I have to share with you today is Violet Moon. Do not let the color in the bottle fool you!! To me it looks MUCH darker in the bottle then on the nail. This was easily a one coater, however, I chose to do two because I cannot seem to break a number sequence once I get started :P This, in my opinion, is a light teal blue polish with hints of lavender, pink, and lilac within.
First two photos are with flash:



 The rest of the photos are without flash:
Finally, I chose Splash. Splash is a gorgeous shiny metallic holo polish. That's three great elements that make an awesome polish when combined. This was a one coater, but... well if you have read this far, you already know!
First three photos are with no flash:

The final photos are all with flash: 

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to look this article over. I hope you find a color you love or are now longing for. I am an enabler that way :P Let me know your thoughts below, and leave me some chatter in the comments!

You can purchase Lilypad Lacquer from several international stockists, or directly from the Lilypad Lacquer Etsy shop located here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LilypadLacquer
You can find the Lilypad Lacquer facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/lilypadlacquer

Until next time~