Thursday, April 10, 2014

My China Glaze Spring/Summer Color Picks

I am always on the hunt for neon and bright polishes that catch my attention. Even the hubby has gotten involved in pointing out super bright or neon polishes to me in the store. I went through my China Glaze collection the other day and pulled out my brightest ones, and then took a trip to Sally's for the B2G1 sale in search of other neons or brights I did not have. I love the colors and all, but the application and finish of these polishes kind of grinds my gears! I also do not like wearing these colors without nail art. I love them, but I just do not dig plain Jane neon nails. So, Using some of the ones in the photo below, I did a manicure full of nail art. I decided to include the sponges I used in the picture because I thought they looked so pretty! :)

Pictured: In the rear; Orange Knockout, Celtic Sun, Purple Panic, Pool Party, Rose Among Thorns
Laying in front; In the Limelight, Sun Worshipper
For the nail art below, I used the colors Orange Knockout, Celtic Sun, Purple Panic, Pool Party, and Rose Among Thorns. To me, this makes a perfect summer manicure. The colors all marbled VERY well, and also sponged on over white perfectly to make the gradient underneath the stripes. I had no issues with application.

No Flash
With Flash
Marble close up
I will be featuring more of these colors and some by other brands in the coming week. Be on the lookout for those. I realize some of these are older colors from old collections, but I think sometimes instead of going out and buying new polishes for a season, you can go "shop" your own collection for forgotten polishes.
With the spring and summer season upon us, which are your "go to" brights or neons? Do you even care for those types of colors? I asked my followers on my Facebook for input on colors/brands they preferred in neon or bright colors, I would love to hear from you here as well. ENABLE ME!!! I know all of us ladies in the nail community are capable of that! :)
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  1. These are stunning! I have all but maybe two of these colors, they"re sooooo pretty. If only I could get the hang of water marbling, then I'd be all set. LOL!!