Sunday, April 6, 2014

Super Dreamy - Aly's Dream Polish

Disclaimer: The polishes reviewed in this post were sent to me by the maker with the purpose of reviewing and swatching them with my honest opinion.

Yesterday I went to my mail box with no expectations of nail mail what-so-ever. When I opened it and found a shiny pink package, I was puzzled. I saw that it was from Aly's Dream Polish and wondered if someone ordered me a present. I could not unwrap it fast enough. Inside was my press package with three beautiful colors inside! I was chosen to swatch and blog about these lovelies! EEEEEK! I was so thrilled!

I have only ever owned one other Aly's Dream Polish. I loved it, but gifted it to someone who was having a rough week and needed a RAOK (Random Act of Kindness).  The ones I received in my press pack were Dark Orchid 55, Sweet Orange 71, and Strawberry 74.

All of Aly's Dream Polish are 4 free, contain polish friendly mixing balls, contain cosmetic grade ingredients, and are cruelty free. Her FAQ states that it could smell good to some, but you should not eat it!

Let's get to the pretties, shall we?

To capture all of the beauty of this polish, this is a photo heavy post, so be warned that it may take a little bit for all the photos to load.

First up is Sweet Orange. This polish is a orange holographic polish and depending on lighting, you can see hints of pink throughout. It wet on very smoothly with no issues of dragging or bald spots. The formula was neither too thick or too thin, and had a perfect consistency for application. The photos of Sweet Orange are all two coats topped with Out the Door fast drying topcoat.

No Flash
Close up with flash
The second polish I am showing you today is Dark Orchid. Dark Orchid is a beautiful shade of purple/orchid that has flashes of pink in certain lighting. The formula was perfection and it applied very smooth. I did not experience any dragging or bald spots upon application. The photos are two coats with a top coat of Out the Door fast drying top coat.
With flash
No flash
Up Close with flash
The final Aly's Dream Polish I have for you today is Strawberry. Strawberry is a pink holographic polish that leans coral in some lighting. As with the other two, the formula was perfect. These photos are two coats with Out the Door fast drying topcoat.
No Flash
With Flash
Up close with flash
Aly's Dream Polish retails for $12. It is really worth the cost. The polish was great quality and application was fantastic. If you are looking for some great holo polishes to try, these are a great start to any holo collection.
All of these polishes can be purchased form Aly's Dream Polish StoreEnvy shop located here:
You can also find Aly's Dream Polish on Facebook:
What do you think of these beauties? Do you own any Aly's Dream Polish? Would you buy these colors? Share your thoughts below! I love to receive comments!
Until next time~

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