Thursday, April 3, 2014

Try it on Thursday with Chirality and Ellagee!

Immmm back! I know I have been flaky in the past with posting, but things have happened in my life that have made getting on to post very difficult. We were kicked out of our home, my son's wrestling season was successful and hectic, and I haven't felt great off and on. But now, I have more time, and have some new and exciting things coming, and hopefully you will stick around!

Today, I have a Try it on Thursday post for you. Since I have piled up a number... ok, I will be honest, a plethora of untried polishes, I decided to dedicate a post to untried polishes I have. I tend to buy one or two of a brand, and if I like them, I go back for more. However, lately, I have purchased and they go into my untried drawer in my Melmer.

Today, I decided to pull out a Chirality polish I bought during a Black Friday sale when purchasing for a couple of swaps I was involved in. I also bought Ellagee "Glass" topcoat a couple months ago, and have not yet tried it. These will be the polishes I will show you today.

First up is Asymptote. It is described by the maker as "a green holographic polish". I would say there is a very subtle linear holo to it, but the scattered holo is there and it is beautiful. There is a nice flash of yellow gold within the color as well. Although it had been sitting in my drawer for a few months, there was no weird separation of the polish, it didn't get thick or goopy, and it had no evaporation. The formula was smooth and went on super easy. It was opaque in two coats. The photos are two coats topped with Ellagee Glass topcoat.

With Flash
No Flash 
 Up Close with Flash 
Next up, the mini polish I received free in my Black Friday purchase. It is called Sleepy Holo. I think it may have been LE or discontinued because I could not find it on Chirality's site. This polish is BEAUTIFUL! ....and is my favorite of the two. I would describe it as a lighter shade of plum. It has flashes of rose gold within the color in the right light. It is definitely a linear holo polish. The formula was great and it went on smoothly. The photos are two coats topped with Ellagee Glass topcoat.
With Flash
No Flash
Up close with flash

Overall, I would say I will purchase from Chirality in the future. I want t get my hands on the full size Sleepy Holo. The Ellagee Glass topcoat was everything I hoped it would be. It goes on smooth, was not goopy or thick, dried super fast, and is super shiny! I also want to add it did not dull the holo finish of the polishes. I will keep you updated as to the "goopiness" (isn't that word so cool, I could say it a million times... goopiness!?) I will be using this in the future and on more manis!

You can find Chirality polishes in their store located here:
You can find Ellagee Glass here: (while you are there check out the other awesome polishes Laura makes)

Well, what says you? Do you have any Chirality? What do you think of these? Do you try varying topcoats with your polishes? Leave me a note in the comments! I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I love Ellagee's Glass Top Coat, and I do use different top coats especially when nail stamping. Seche Vite is my go to just because because the brush will hardly touch the stamping. I haven't try Ellagee over stamped nails - my next experiment. Thanks for showing off these gorgeous colors.

    1. I have a ton of nail treatments. I just bought Out The Door as well, and I cannot wait to give it a try. Seche is great for nail art too because it doesn't streak the art :) Thanks for commenting Adina! :)