Monday, April 14, 2014

Lilypad Lacquer Spring Colors... The Greens (Part I)

I am in love with spring polish colors! My two favorite colors this year are blue and green. I used to HATE green and blue polish, and this winter season  started buying ALL the dark blues and greens...LOL! Now that spring is in the air (OK not really yet here in Oklahoma, I have a sunburn from fishing in 75 degree weather the other day, and today it was 35!), I thought I would show you a great brand, with some really pretty blues and greens you can wear for spring and summer.

Lilypad Lacquer has quickly become a brand I am in love with. I own 27 of them, and have a ton more on my wish list. I went through my collection and chose the ones I owned that were great blues and greens for these posts. Since there were so MANY photos, I chose to divide up the colors. Today I am going to show you the green colored ones, and tomorrow I will show the blue colored ones.

First up, I chose Frogs Alive as a perfect green for spring. It is bright, holographic, and reminds me of Easter grass found in Easter baskets like the ones I got as a child. The formula was smooth, the application was perfect, and it could have easily been a one coater, but I always like to use two, to be sure it is even and fully opaque. None of the photos include a topcoat, however I have used topcoat with each of these without it dulling the holo-ness.
The first three photos are without flash.

With Flash:

Next up, I chose Slimey Limey. This is a beautiful melon neon green color. Again the formula and application were great.
First two photos with flash:
Without flash:

To show you the difference between Frogs Alive and Slimey Limey, I have a comparison photo:
The final Lilypad I am going to show you today is Aquadisiac. It is more of an aqua color leaning green. Another polish that applied easy and smooth, and had a nice formula.


You can purchase Lilypad Lacquer from several international stockists, or directly from the Lilypad Lacquer Etsy shop located here:
You can find the Lilypad Lacquer facebook page here:
What do you think about these colors? Spring colors, or not? Let me know what you think in the comments down below! Also, please follow me on Facebook for updates and chatter.
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  1. Not a green person, but far out they sparkle!! I looove Lilypad, divine colours of every hue. Thanks for the beautiful swatches <3

    1. Thanks Kura! I used to not want anything to do with green. Lately it seems I am hoarding them! :P