Saturday, May 17, 2014

I won a giveaway-So I am having a Giveaway!

HI there again!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!! Mine is uneventful because the weather is not playing nice!

Don't ever say you never win anything!!! A couple of weeks ago, I entered a giveaway at Life With Angie. It was for a brand new bottle of Enchanted Polish, Hello New York! I WON!!!! I was in shock! I have entered hundreds of giveaways, and have won nothing. This time was my turn! :)

So today I want to share the link with you to Life with Angie, and show you my prize. THEN, there will be a giveaway for a prize from me!

First of all visit Life with Angie and show her some love!
Second of all, I want to show you this gorgeous polish I won!
This is Hello New York, over black. These photos are in full sunlight, outdoors. One coat, topped with KB Shimmer Clearly on Top.
This photo is my favorite of the bunch. You can see the shift in colors. Green, orange, and yellow!

 Close-up view
What do you think of this beauty? I love this and will be using it in the fall!! I have been wanting this polish for awhile since I am a New York girl (Born and raised).
Now for my giveaway! :) You can enter below for your chance to win one of three prize packages. This is for US residents only (I will ship to a US mule).
Prize 1:
$25 Gift Certificate for Llarowe
Prize 2:
$15 Gift Certificate to Etsy
Prize 3:
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Luckyy!! Good for you! I don't know that that polish is really my thing, but just getting an Enchanted would make my day lol

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!! That polish reminds me of the glitter in Indigo Bananas 2% Butterscotch Ripple! Pretty!

  3. Congrats on your win and thank you for having this giveaway for us!! =)

  4. Congrats!! Love enchanted polish!! & thanks for hosting a giveaway for us! :)

  5. That's so awesome! Congrats! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  6. Thank you for this giveaway. I just wanted to let you know that the daily entry option isn't working correctly. Each day, it's resetting back to 7/12, instead of adding the daily totals.

    1. I hope I fixed it. Not sure what would cause that so hopefully after adjusting the settings it is fixed :) Thanks for the heads up!

    2. I think that just how Rafflecopter handles it. It's odd, but I do see the shares done each day when I'm running a giveaway with Rafflecopter. It's just the number reflects daily entries for each day.