Thursday, May 1, 2014

What Girl Doesn't Love Purple?... Check out Glittering Elements Voodoo Dolly!

Howdy ladies and germs! What colors are you an absolute sucker for when it comes to polish? For me, it is BUY ALL THINGS PURPLE!!! I get so excited when I find a new purple polish that I do not have.


I seem to be having the same reaction to greens lately too... and to think I used to hate green!!! Anywho, at the beginning of April, Glittering Elements had a nice sale going on. I rallied up some girls from the polish group I help admin, and placed us a group order since it was coming all the way from Australia. I ended up buying four total, for myself. I bought Voodoo Dolly, Rain Dancer, Jennifer (because I must own all polishes named Jennifer, Jenni, Jenny, Jen, Jenn, etc...) , and Minted. I had never bought or tried this brand before this purchase, and was super stoked to get it and try it out!
First of all let's talk about Voodoo Dolly.... IT'S PURPLE!!! Actually it is a blurple and can be a deep dark blue or purple depending on which light you look at it in. It has a beautiful scattered holoness to it, and it had quickly shot up to the top of my fave purples. The formula was super smooth and I could ave easily only done one coat for full coverage, however, I did two as I usually do because I wanted to be sure I had no bald spots or unevenness. I topped this beautifulnees of purple from a bottle with Ellagee Glass Top Coat, which can be purchased here:
Here is Voodoo Dolly with flash:
You can really see the blue pop in this photo:
Voodoo Dolly no flash:
Next up I am sharing Rain Dancer. Rain Dancer is a beautiful teal blue scattered holographic polish. The formula was consistent with that of Voodoo Dolly, smooth and opaque. Two coats plus Ellagee Glass top coat for the following swatches.
Rain Dancer with flash:
Rain Dancer without flash: 
Overall I am VERY pleased with my purchase from Glittering Elements. The polish is very pretty, the formula is very smooth, and the customer service was great. Shipping was also very quick.
If you have never purchased from tem in the past you can do so by visiting here:
You can also check out their Facebook page here:
Do you own any Glittering Elements? Which ones? Would you buy more? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on the Covered by Color Facebook page!
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