Sunday, May 18, 2014

Playing with You Polish Nail Decals!

Hey there followers and friends. Today's post includes some nail decals I was sent from Lauren at You Polish to review. In all honesty I have only ever used chevrons and had not had a chance to experiment with other shapes. You Polish has a ton of different shaped decals. The store also includes some really pretty polishes, lip scrubs, and even a montly sub box. You can find the shop here:
The average price of the decals is $5.50.
I am not he greatest nail artist out there. So, these were a huge help in creating nice looks. I am not going to go into details as to what polishes I use in every case, because I did a no-no and didn't write them all down.
First up, I have these adorable holographic cause ribbons. They applied easily, removed from the backing quite easy, and I was easily able to lay them flat on my very curvy nails. My only complaint with these is that I have tiny pinky nails, and this was a little large for them. I managed to make it work though.
Next up, I have some tree branches with birds. They are a lavender color. These applied easy, but I had a bit of trouble getting them off the backing. The leafy end of the branches are delicate. So when removing them from the backing be very careful. I trimmed off the excess branch from around my cuticles.
I also had a little difficulty getting creative with these. I think you could use the branches for a negative space paint job, but I wanted to be sure I captured the leafy end on my nails.
Next up is anchors, waves, and mermaids. The anchors are gray, the waves are white, and the mermaids are yellow. I used the waves to attempt a negative space paint job. The others I used and applied like stickers. This came out cute, even though I had a creative block. I would recommend you use a toothpick to remove the anchors and slide the end underneath and lift it a little at a time. I tore my first one using tweezers.
Next up are the chevrons. These are great for negative space manicures and looks. They went on easy, came off the backing easily, and came off easy when removing them.
Finally, my FAVORITE look! The little sunglasses are super duper cute. I am a HUGE fan of the yellow smiley faces. I HAD to pull out KB Shimmer Blinded by the Bright for this look. Again I used a toothpick because I tore the first two trying to get them off the backing. The bridge of the glasses is delicate.
Overall, these were very nice decals. I would recommend them to my polish friends. Although the couple of times I ripped decals removing them from the backing, that was the users fault, and not the fault of the decals or the backing. I am too rough on teeeeny things! :P I have a couple more to show you next week too.
What do you think of nail decals and vinyls? Do you have any? Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, don't forget about my giveaway going on here:
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  1. Very cute! I haven't used decals yet in my manicures. Maybe I will pick up a few designs from YouPolish. They look easy to use.

  2. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! Loving all your work!!

  3. Beautiful swatches, thanks for sponsoring the giveawayđź’•

  4. These decals are ADORABLE! Really loving all your work...thanks for being a part of Tattooed Nail Girl's giveaway!

  5. thanks for chance! I love glitter!!! congrats for nail art! <3

  6. I LOVE Blood of the Mountain! Thanks for doing the giveaway, it's awesome!