Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Take a Look at What You Have... KB Shimmer Summer Fun Manicures!

Hello polish lovers! I hope your hump day is going well. Mine isn't going too bad!

I have a son who is a Shriners' patient in Boston (I live in Oklahoma), who has been undergoing procedures there since he was nine. He is now 17, almost 18. He has a deforming birthmark that covers 70% of his face. We found out late last week that he would be having two procedures this summer. One will be one of his routine laser procedures, the other is going to be extensive reconstruction of his lips, because of the growth he is experiencing. The photo is of him and me last year. He is going to be a senior next year!!! WHAT???

Anyhow, because of the amount of money I will have to put towards travel this summer to get him to those appointments, I am on a VERY STRICT no buy. Don't get me wrong, it is totally worth it for my child, but at the same time, it makes looking at all these new summer collections very hard! Especially when it comes to KB Shimmer! So, when this happens, I like to revisit my stash and find summer colors I can use this season without having to go out and buy new collections right away. It does help ease a little bit of the anxiety of not being able to buy. I also like experimenting with nail art before a holiday approaches, so I can figure out exactly what I want to wear on my nails for the special day. Since my hubby is a disabled veteran, one of our favorite holidays is Independence Day (4th of July)! So, I have some really cool nail art to show you in celebration, that may end up being my nails for the holiday.

OK, now onto the fun stuff, the polishes I chose!

First up, I recently surpassed my 50 points on KB Shimmers store rewards. With those points, I was able to grab Blinded by the Bright. An extremely fun neon yellow color with different sized red, yellow, blue, and green hex glitters. I did not need undies for this polish, and the neon yellow stood out like a turd in a punch bowl!!! (I have always wanted a reason to say that!) HAHAHA! Anyhow, I love neons for summer, and this polish makes the cut! The glitter is not so jam packed that application was flawless and easy. The photos are two coats, no undies, and KB Shimmer Clearly on Top top coat.

Shown here with no flash:
With flash: 
Next up, we have my summer favorite polish (for the time being, because I am fickle like that!). This is Pimp My Pride. It is a white crelly base with red and blue hex glitters and teeeeeeeeeny weeeeeeny bar glitters. I am a huge bar glitter hater, HOWEVER, I LOVE LOVE LOVE KB Shimmers teeny tiny bar glitters and have no issue with them. This is two coats, no undies, and KB Shimmer top coat.
Pimp My Pride with no flash:
Pimp My Pride with flash: 
Now, since I think this will be the polish I highlight in my Independence Day mani, I decided to try some nail art on top. Since I have not done the "splatter" method but one time and it was an epic fail... I was determined to get it right.
1. Use coffee stirrer straws
2. Cut the straw to a short length, approx. 2 inches.
3. Short hard blows (now we are sounding like a porno!)
The last time I attempted this, I used a regular straw, and kept it the full length. DISASTEROUS I tell ya!!! I like the way it turned out! I used some of my favorite drugstore/nail art polishes, the blow photographed Sally Hansen Xtreme. The red is, Cherry Red and the Blue is, Blue it! I then top coated the art with KB Shimmer Clearly on Top.
What do you think? Do you sometimes get down because you can't get a new collection coming out? What is your remedy? Do you have your holiday manicures picked out ahead of time for certain holidays or events in your life? Let me know what you think! Comment down below, or join in on the CbC Facebook page! Thanks for stopping by!
Until Next Time~